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Model of the World, promoting tourism worldwide

Welcome to the official website for Model of the World – an international pageant which aims to endorse the beauty of both our contestants and the countries they represent. Our contestants gain entry to the Model of the World final by winning their national Model of the World contests, and every single entrant is proud to be a ambassador of their country’s tourism industry. We take pride in our status as the world’s premier beauty and tourism pageants.


In 2008 Mr David Singh of the Tourism World Organisation bought the Model of the World pageant from the previous owner. From this moment forward the Tourism World Organisation, based in Great Britain, have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and have made substantial investment to restructure the beauty pageants and organisation.

The new owners with their wealth of experience are committed to a long-term plan for the re-branding of the competitions and to build on the previous success of the pageants. There is an exciting future for Tourism World Organisation and we look forward to introducing Model of the World and its new look sister brands to the worldwide stage.

Taking Tourism to the World

The main aim of the Model of the World beauty pageant is to promote the tourism and culture of each of the host nations we work with. We strongly believe in the tourism message of each of the countries involved in Model of the World and are proud to help these nations attract both domestic and international visitors and investors.

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